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Ref. Item: 2206317@I-27 Price: 48000 €
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In this province: Murcia , in the town of Archena

Business in operation in transfer.
It is a chicken shop and takeaway meals located in the center of Archena, Murcia. The business is fully operational and with good commercial progress. It is transferred due to the retirement of the current owner.
The business consists of several rooms, the one dedicated to cooking chickens with a very special and unique recipe, a bread maker and several kitchen rooms, two pantries and an outdoor patio for handling utensils as well as for cooking rice dishes. It has an industrial cold room, as well as several freezers. The location of the gas bottles is outside the enclosure.
The business has all the necessary permits and reviews.
This property is a construction type Con negocio en funcionamiento with an area of 110 mts2 built, in the area of Centro
State: Buen estado. With 1 and 4 rooms. Energy efficiency: Indeterminate
Extras: Air conditionet, Refrigerating room, Freezers, Appliances, Exhibitors, Furniture, Patio, Smoke exit, Refrigerated showcases,
Activities that can be performed in the area:

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